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Broken rating and no platform chosing button

11.10.2017 17:21:19 / 1 сообщение / автор темы JoeClark .

[ 11.10.2017 17:21:18 (UTC +5) ]  
I've read number of similar topics that were dated for 1-3 years old already and still no response from support. I don't even expect any feedback from GameSpot support as I've seen they're completely useless and do not care about users. But anyway I'll ask, surprise me with your attention. The issue is being talked about for like at least 3 years. You basicaly - if not writing a review - can't choose platform for the game you're rating. I find it really crucial since when I rate something, I rate it to compare it with other people's ratings and unability to chose platform makes this option entirely useless. Another issue I wanted to mention is unability to remove rating. There is nothing more to be mention about it. You just can't.Please, GameSpot. Any response to that after all!?

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