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Simple Website Game

10.11.2017 11:32:51 / 1 сообщение / автор темы JoeClark .

[ 10.11.2017 11:32:49 (UTC +5) ]  

I am looking to create a website game that is similar to a site like either.io. The difference is that I need one question to appear to all 'players' who visit the website requiring a solution to the problem. Once any player who is on the website enters the correct text in the answer box, the next problem will come up on screen and the process can repeat infinitely. As players get the right solution, they will earn points and I can implement leaderboards etc. So effectively, everyone will be competing to be the first to solve the problem.

I'm very new to game development so would just appreciate being put in the right direction on how to achieve something like this, what programs to use etc. as after hours of doing my own research, I have come up with very little.

Please help.


I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.


video animation

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