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NAT type D problem. Cannot play Splatoon 2 multiplayer.

15.11.2017 18:25:50 / 1 сообщение / автор темы JoeClark .

[ 15.11.2017 18:25:49 (UTC +5) ]  

I’ve spent my whole day speaking to my internet provider with no progress. My Nat type is stuck at D and i cannot play splatoon 2 multiplayer. I’ve tried portforwarding, looked into DMZ which my router does not have ( firewall is disabled ) and changed the switch’s dns and ip address but nothing works. I’m so annoyed that i spent 60$ on a game that i cannot play because of some poor NAT. I’ve never ever had any problem with NAT types on any consoles or pc’s at my home. Only with the Switch. Any fix for this ?

Any idea?

Please help.

I didn’t find the right solution from the Internet.

References https://en-americas-support.nintendo.com/app/social/questions/detail/qid/69557/~/nat-type-d-problem.-cannot-play-splatoon-2-multiplayer./session/L3F2LzEvdGltZS8xNTEwMzg2NTU3L3NpZC9mVWV5OW1Oa0FqRSU3RWhIbVlEcjZKVEd4e TZBM2VBcVhoOENrQjZvYzJ4YWJmWXVhTER0U2gzcXVuRjRpM1glN0VEZiU3RVJTQ0JtREtMUjFtRDZwVjREU0VVbnB YcHBjUEpDdTRta3pWak1MZ3NkTmYlN0VLWTRlZExGUDNoQSUyMSUyMQ==

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