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UM least hyped Pokemon games?

29.11.2017 16:31:35 / 1 сообщение / автор темы JoeClark .

[ 29.11.2017 16:31:34 (UTC +5) ]  
I have played Pokemon since R/B/Y. I have always been pretty active online with Pokemon related content. I have to say that, with US/UM coming out soon I still hardly see people talking about it. Almost nothing compared to the last several sets of games. The S/M hype was overwhelming, even ORAS had tons of people talking about it despite being remakes.
What do you think? Has US/UM failed to generate hype in your internet and friend circles too?
To clarify, I am talking about the hype and the excitement with regards to the games, not the games themselves. Which is why I think this warrants it's own post, rather than the main US.

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