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Battle Brothers: We're on a Mission for Gold Bookmark

11.12.2017 18:14:11 / 1 сообщение / автор темы JoeClark .

[ 11.12.2017 18:14:11 (UTC +5) ]  
Battle Brothers is the first major project of Overhype Studios, a small German indie team. In the game, you command a band of mercenaries in a gritty and unforgiving medieval fantasy world. It has a real time overworld map where you travel around, pick up contracts and manage your supplies, recruits and equipment. Combat happens on a separate battle map with a turn-based system. The game has often been described as "Mount & Blade meets XCOM/<some other turn-based squad tactics game>", which I find pretty apt.
And most importantly, even in its unfinished state the game was tons of fun and many of us already put great many hours into it over the development process.

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