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Avoid The Saboteur PC edition

31.03.2018 17:18:55 / 1 сообщение / автор темы MichaelMorin .

[ 31.03.2018 17:18:54 (UTC +5) ]  

It seems this game came out on the 4th in Europe, so I googled for some reviews and impressions. What I found was page after page of people with issues. Big ones.It seems the PC version is a buggy POS. With the worst hit being Vista/W7 owners, more so if you run an ATI gpu. Google for terms like 'saboteur menu crash' and 'saboteur ati crash' if you want to find the pages yoursel A lot of users are finding that the game is completely unplayable - it crashes on the main menu. Some crash before it even reaches the menu. Others are saying it crashes anywhere from 10 - 30 minutes of play time.
It seems nvidia owners are better off, with the crashes either not happening or being less frequent. Although a few nvidia users are saying they are getting the menu crash too.Pandemic have acknowledged the problem on thier forums and say they are working on it. Their proposed solution right now is to run in single score affinity. This, for a game where the recommended specs are a QUAD core system. Those that have tried the single core fix say performance is so bad as to be unplayable.Pandemic say a patch is in the works, but it seems EA have laid off the majority of Pandemic staff, leaving them with a skeleton crew. So don't expect a patch any time soon.I can only assume the console versions are not plagued by these bugs, as otherwise they would never pass MS' quality control.In short - avoid the PC version for a while. Maybe a long while, if they ever do create a satisfactory fix.

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